Abortion Wars: The Fight for Reproductive Rights

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Συγγραφέας:Judith OrrΕκδόσεις:Policy Press
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ISBN: 9781447339113

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"Not so much a book, more a call to arms. Clearly written and rationally argued. Read it and ACT before any more women's lives are ruined." Tony Garnett, author of The Day the Music Died

"This book will be an excellent weapon in the wars its title refers to. It will be especially useful here in Ireland where the struggle for a woman's right to choose is now a central political issue, North and South." Brid Smith, People Before Profit, TD Dublin

"As a dedicated pro-choice activist Judith is best placed to write this informative and well-pitched analysis of issues related to defending abortion rights." Kerry Abel, Chair of Abortion Rights the UK national pro choice campaign

"This excellent book shows why working class women have always had most to gain from campaigns for free, legal and safe abortion and arms us with all the current arguments about reproductive rights. I recommend it to activists everywhere." Jane Loftus, Communication Workers Union

"Highly readable and informative, this is essential and timely reading for anyone who cares about women's reproductive rights. A political tour de force." Lucy Bland, Anglia Ruskin University

Judith Orr has decades of experience campaigning and writing on women's rights and abortion. She grew up in Northern Ireland where abortion is effectively illegal. She is an elected member of the executive committee of the national Abortion Rights campaign.

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