Another School is Possible

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Συγγραφέας: Terry WrigleyΕκδόσεις: Bookmarks Publications
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ISBN: 9781905192137

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Capitalism has always had a problem with education. It needs workers who are clever enough to be profitable, but not wise enough to know what's really going on. Our children are being tested to destruction. Our schools are driven by league tables, competition and subject to increasing privatisation. It doesn't have to be like this. We can learn from schools here and across the world which have managed to provide meaningful learning. Critical, engaged learning and thinking should be the basis for a 21st century democracy. Terry Wrigley has written a vital contribution to the battle for a radical, democratic education that will appeal to teachers, parents and everyone inspired by the idea that 'Another Education is Possible'. Contents include: Tested to destruction; Full-spectrum surveillance; School Improvement - or speeding up the conveyor belt? Community and democracy; 'Literacy' is just not good enough; Curriculum, poverty and globalisation; and, Education for citizenship: what should it really look like?

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