International Socialism #147

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Τεύχος: Νο 147
Καλοκαίρι 2015
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  • Προϊόν Περιοδικό: International Socialism
Κωδικός προϊόντος: IS146.

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And now the British question
Alex Callinicos

Manoeuvres from above, Movements from below: Greece under Tsipras
Gareth Jenkins and Despina Karayianni

The global crawl continues
Michael Roberts

The “Islamic State” and the counter-revolution
Ghayath Naisse

Capitalism and species extinction
Ian Rappel

Luxemburg, Müller and the Berlin workers’ and soldiers’ councils
John Rose

Tamás Krausz’s Lenin
Kevin Corr

Revolutionaries in the unions: The reality of the strike
Mark O’Brien

Socialism, satire and Charlie Hebdo
Mark Brown

Religion and revolution in the Middle Ages
Graham Mustin

Trotsky and the POUM
Andy Durgan

Book reviews

Exposing the migration myths
Lee Humber

Critical links
Ken Olende

Race and the British working class
Antony Hamilton

Hungry for justice
Simon Shaw

X-ray vision
Camilla Royle

Poland’s unfinished revolution
Andy Zebrowski

Pick of the quarter
this quarter’s selection

Syriza and Socialist Strategy
Syriza and Socialist Strategy- debate video and transcript

Online only

The Middle East
Alex Callinicos interviewed by Marx 21 on the situation in the Middle East today

Fighting the Last War: A Note on Andreas Bieler and Adam David Morton, “Axis of Evil or Access to Diesel? Spaces of New Imperialism and the Iraq War” (Historical Materialism, 23.2 [2015])
Alex Callinicos

Anti-Bukharin: A reply to Alex Callinicos
Adam David Morton

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