International Socialism #155

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Τεύχος:Νο 155
Καλοκαίρι 2017
Σελίδες: 224

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Corbyn justified, May humbled—the left advances
Alex Callinicos

Interview: The meaning of Macron
Vanina Giudicelli

Scotland the paradox
Donny Gluckstein

Podemos, Catalonia and the workers’ movement in the Spanish state
Héctor Sierra

Fast food rights: organising the unorganised
Julie Sherry

The Russian Revolution: tragedy or inspiration?
James Eaden

Science, socialism and the Russian Revolution
John Parrington

Neoliberalism, the state and revolution: the case of Egypt
Philip Marfleet

Class and class struggle in China today
Simon Gilbert

Neoliberalism and the crisis in health and social care
Lee Humber


The long depression: a discussion
Nick Moore

Why did our ancestors succeed? A response to Mike Beaken
Pete Wearden

Book Reviews

Rescuing Lenin
John Rose

Uncovering the history of the English Revolution
Richard Bradbury

Revolution rock
Kevin McCaighy

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