International Socialism #154

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Τεύχος:Νο 154
Άνοιξη 2017
Σελίδες: 224

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The neoliberal order begins to crack
Alex Callinicos

Donald Trump: A balance sheet
Megan Trudell

Antisemitism and the far-right today
Rob Ferguson

Lenin’s April Theses and the Russian Revolution: A seminal moment
not a misunderstanding
Kevin Corr

The sense of art: In memoriam John Berger
Mike Gonzalez

A class act: Erik Olin Wright in perspective
Joseph Choonara

A common treasury for all: Gerrard Winstanley’s vision of utopia
Martin Empson

Marxism 2.0: New commodities, new workers?
Xanthe Rose

Engels, Neanderthals and the origins of the family
Mike Beaken

Frantz Fanon: Decolonisation through revolution
Chris Newlove

The story of the story of Stagger Lee
Simon Andrewes

Misrepresenting revolution: Art at the Royal Academy
Nick Grant

Book Reviews

System of a down
Dave Sewell

Orthodox economics: The dismal future?
Padraic Finn

Understanding the riot/strike cycle
Matt Clement

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