International Socialism #157

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Τεύχος: Νο 157
Χειμώνας 2018
Σελίδες: 224
Εκδόσεις: International Socialism Journal
ISSN: 0020-8736

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Europe: the cracking centre
Alex Callinicos
Zimbabwe after Mugabe
Alex Callinicos
Marxism, feminism and transgender politics
Sue Caldwell
Is globalisation finished?
Martin Upchurch
Marxism, class and revolution in Africa: the legacy of the 1917 Russian Revolution
Peter Dwyer and Leo Zeilig
Eric Hobsbawm’s histories
Christian Høgsbjerg
The PCP in the Portuguese Revolution 1974-5: crisis, state and revolution
Raquel Varela
Illusions of world-ecology
Ian Angus
What has happened to the British labour movement and what does it mean for the left in the unions?
Mark O’Brien
The radical Robert Burns
Charlie McKinnon
Book reviews
Did Marx base Capital on Dante’s Inferno?
Sam Popowich
Lenin and the Tsarist Duma
Richard Donnelly
Fishers under siege
Sarah Ensor
Comrade Bernard
John Newsinger
Holocaust files opened
Mark Krantz
The language of the unheard
Brian Richardson
Economics: crawling from the wreckage?
Padraic Finn
Power in a union
Martin Pitt and Anne Kenefeck
A red in the lab
Camilla Royle
Language and learners
Shaun Doherty
Pick of the quarter
This quarter’s selectio