International Socialism #160

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Τεύχος:Νο 160
Φθινόπωρο 2018
Σελίδες: 224
Εκδόσεις: International Socialism Journal
ISSN: 0020-8736

  • Προϊόν Περιοδικό: International Socialism

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Legends of the fall
Alex Callinicos

Ireland’s abortion victory
Marnie Holborow

Value isn’t everything
John Bellamy Foster and Paul Burkett

Natural capital: a neoliberal response to species extinction
Ian Rappel

Social reproduction theory: back to (which) Marx?
Sheila McGregor

The Labour Party and post-neoliberalism
Martin Upchurch

How not to resist racism: a lesson from France
Dave Sewell

Trotsky and the New Stalinism
Chris Harman

Remember, remember the 9th of November
Donny Gluckstein

Keeping it real: the brutal art of Ken Loach
Nick Grant

Labouring under no illusions
Joseph Choonara

Christian Høgsbjerg

Post-capitalism in commons?
John Sinha

Book Reviews

Battle lines drawn
Tony Phillips

An irrational system
Dick Pitt

A psychodynamic approach to a new party?
Martin Pitt

Pick Of The Quarter
This quarter’s selection

Online Only

Between “birth strike” and “race treason”: The history of Paragraph 219a
of the German Criminal Code

Rosemarie Nünning (translation by Einde O’Callaghan)

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