International Socialism #121

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Τεύχος: Νο 121
Χειμώνας 2009
Σελίδες: 192

  • Προϊόν Περιοδικό: International Socialism
Κωδικός προϊόντος: IS121.

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Seminar: In the balance—the class struggle in Britain


The trillion dollar crash

From Bush to Obama

Brown’s left bounce?

Obama and the working class vote

Megan Trudell
The slump of the 1930s and the crisis today

Chris Harman
Chavez ten years on

Mike Gonzalez
Interview with Mushtuq Husain: the struggle in Bangladesh

Myths of globalisation and the new economy
Bill Dunn

The prophet and Black Power: Trotsky on race in the US
Christian Høgsbjerg

From revolution to irrelevance: how classical music lost its audience
Simon Behrman


Building the New Anti-capitalist Party
François Sabado

The radical left: a richer mix
Panos Garganas

Walter Benjamin and the classical Marxist tradition
Neil Davidson

Book reviews

Ups and downs of the rank and file
Jack Robertson

The revolutionary trade unions
Simon Basketter

Laying the groundwork
Feiyi Zhang

Challenging the newsmakers
Ingrid Lamprecht

MacIntyre's Forgotten answers
Chris Harman

A history full of lessons
Matthew Cookson

Pick of the quarter

This quarter's selection

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