Stop Global Warming: Change The World

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Συγγραφέας: Neale, Jonathan
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ISBN: 9781905192373

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Global warming threatens the planet. But we already have the technology to solve the problem. The problem is corporations and the powerful, who can't or won't act. So we have to mobilise the only force that can challenge them, the six billion people of the world. Most books on climate change are devoted to showing the scale of the threat we face, but offer few solutions. We are left looking for individual answers, or blaming the world?s poor for wanting a better life. Jonathan Neale's approach challenges all this. He outlines the case for radical political change that alone can stop global warming. In World War Two the United States and other economies were transformed, almost overnight, to fight global war. Why can;t this be done now, but this time to save the planet? How do we organise to achieve this result?

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