Material Girls: men, women and work

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Συγγραφέας: German, Lindsey
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Today, women are working in unprecedented numbers, have broken their chains to the home, thrown out the traditional “feminine” roles, and have choices that our grandmothers couldn’t have imagined.

But society’s view of women has continued along a narrow track. The prevalence of lap dancing, cosmetic surgery, the sex industry, and the search to be ever more attractive underline how society only cares about how a woman looks.

Capitalism has turned women into a marketable commodity, sex objects who can be bought and sold on the internet. It has also made use of women’s low wages to garner superprofits.

The expectation was that as more women worked, as battles over abortion and other rights were won, women’s liberation would be secured. Why didn’t it happen?

This is the question that the convenor of the Stop the War Coalition Lindsey German takes up in her new book, Material Girls: women, men and work. She argues that the hope for women’s liberation has stalled. A few women in the top professions and business have made it. For everyone else, women’s liberation has hit the buffers.

(Marnie Holborow - Socialist Worker)

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