Alexandra Kollontai: Writings From The Struggle

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Συγγραφέας: Cathy PorterΕκδόσεις: Bookmarks Publications
Σελίδες: 315
ISBN: 9781912926305

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Alexandra Kollontai was a major figure in the Russian revolutionary movement, an activist from the 1890s, a pioneer of women's liberation and one of the founders of International Women's Day, who eventually served as the first woman government minister in the Bolshevik government following the Russian Revolution of 1917.

This new collection is a wide-ranging selection of her writings from the revolutionary struggle, from her first discovery of Marx in her twenties, when revolutionaries were a tiny underground sect, to her place in the first Bolshevik government, and her fight to defend Soviet power. She wrote prolifically in her years as a revolutionary, publishing seven books and over two hundred articles, essays and pamphlets - anti-war agitation, government and Zhenotdel decrees, reports of meetings and conferences, fiction, book reviews and memoirs, and her writings on women and the family.

Edited and translated by Cathy Porter, author of Alexandra Kollontai: A Biography, this collection includes articles translated for the first time into English. From the introduction: 'Her writings are the story of how a poor backward country took on the world to create the first workers' state, free of capitalist misery and exploitation. She tells us not to be beaten by the horror show that is destroying our planet, bombing millions of the poorest people in the world and allowing millions of refugees to drown, attacking women's rights, the sick and the disabled, smearing and torturing those who expose the truth about imperialism's crimes. She shows us that hope is possible in hopeless times, and that by organising and relying on each other we can achieve miracles'.

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