Capitalism's New Crisis: What Do Socialists Say?

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Συγγραφέας: Harman, Chris
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We are witnessing the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Banks and other financiers have seen their huge speculative gambles on commodities, pensions and our homes turn into colossal losses, threatening the foundations of the whole financial system. Three decades of free market, neoliberal, ideology are being torn up, as governments from the United States to Iceland step in to bail out and nationalise banks. But is all this just the result of the greed  in the City of London and Wall Street? Chris Harman shows how the roots of the crisis lie in a wider crisis of profitability across the whole of capitalism. The insanity and obscenity of capitalism stand revealed. But who will pay for the crisis? The banks, corporations and governments will try to shift the burden onto ordinary people. Socialists have to be at the centre of organising the resistance, while arguing for a better world.

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