International Socialism #116

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Τεύχος: Νο 116
Φθινόπωρο 2007
Σελίδες: 224

  • Προϊόν Περιοδικό: International Socialism
Κωδικός προϊόντος: IS116.

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Market turmoil: the shape of the chaos to come?

Where will the Brown bounce land?

The shifting fronts of Bush’s war

The return of the working class


South Africa: rebirth of a mass movement
Claire Ceruti

Interview: Egypt’s strike wave

Can we write the history of the Russian Revolution?

Kevin Murphy
The uncertain return of Russian power

Mike Haynes
Germany’s political earthquake

Gordon Childe and Marxist archaeology
Neil Faulkner

Interview: Venezuela—tensions within the process

“On the menu or at the table”: corporations and climate change
Gareth Dale

The Dutch Revolt: a social analysis
Pepijn Brandon

Theses on realism and film
Mike Wayne

Book reviews

Iraq's women: more than victims
Anne Alexander

Last writings of the party favourite
Donny Gluckstein

Exposing the myths of Bush's wars
Sadie Robinson

Debray's memoirs: tears of a clown
Ian Birchall

Accounting for the environment
Paul McGarr

Saull's Cold War: not such hot stuff
Adrian Budd

Passionate impasse: subaltern studies
Barry Pavier

Campbell's blood money
John Newsinger

Workers’ power under global capitalism
Ben Selwyn

The rubbish barons
Martin Empson

Shedding some light on Lenin
Chris Harman

Return of the one-state solution
Jonathan Maunder

Rising of the oppressed: the second Intifada
Ruth Tenne

Paris 1961: a hidden massacre
Tom Whittaker

Sci-fi and struggle
Matthew Beaumont

Hello Lenin, goodbye Lenin!
Vladimir Unkovski-Korica

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