International Socialism #140

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Τεύχος: Νο 140
Φθινόπωρο 2013
Σελίδες: 224

  • Προϊόν Περιοδικό: International Socialism
Κωδικός προϊόντος: IS140.

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Spectres of counter-revolution
Alex Callinicos

From global slump to long depression
Michael Roberts

Can Len McCluskey reclaim Labour?
Julie Sherry

The politics of the SWP crisis
Charlie Kimber and Alex Callinicos

Neoliberalism and the British working class: A reply to Neil Davidson
Jane Hardy and Joseph Choonara

“Left Reformism” and socialist strategy
Ed Rooksby

Michael Gove: Doing the Right Thing?
Nick Grant

Giorgio Agamben in perspective
Simon Behrman


Socialism and the Second World War: A response to Leandros Bolaris
Donny Gluckstein

Southern labour—“Peripheral” no longer: A reply to Jane Hardy
John Smith

History without nature? A response to Nancy Lindisfarne, Jonathan Neale and Colin Wilson
John Molyneux

Comment on bourgeois revolutions
Donny Gluckstein

Book reviews

Might makes right
Mona Dohle

Diaries of a nobody
John Newsinger

Pre-class societies
Martin Empson

Pick of the quarter
This quarter’s selection

Online only

The KPD and the Crisis of World Revolution
Yusuf Timms

The working class, trade unions and the left: the contours of resistance
Sean Vernell

“The politics of the SWP crisis”-a response
Can we move forward? a reply to Wolfreys and others
Charlie Kimber and Alex Callinicos

A Response to John Molyneux on Sexuality
Colin Wilson

Sexuality and social constructionism: A reply to Colin Wilson
John Molyneux

Pre-Class Sexuality: Free, Warm and Wild
Terry Sullivan


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